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“Thank you, Dick, for taking the time to show me the progressive and positive works that are being done out there. I am impressed every time I visit the site and come back with only positive things to share with other government agencies and the public. Keep up the good work.” Wade Anderson, Regional Manager, Southern Interior East Region, Britich Columbia

“It was phenomenal watching and listening to your presentation. The way you and Joani ‘tag teamed’ was right on the mark for emphasizing and reemphasizing all the important information. In my mind, you missed nothing. Very inspiring not only from a business professional standpoint, but also very cool to see a husband and wife team work so well together. Well done!” Adrian van Nieuwkerk, Okanagan Trail Riders Association Executive.

“The design work was exceptional and you are a master of your art.” The trail work was “excellent in design and construction. The trails were exciting to ride which is exactly what I wanted to see, however the work far exceeded my expectation in signage, bollards, trail hardening, and deactivation.” “The signing is excellent.” “I have great respect for RecConnect and complete faith in you.” John Glaspie, District Recreation Officer, British Columbia Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and the Arts.

“Your willingness to discuss issues and seek acceptable solutions is refreshing. You have displayed the ultimate in diplomatic professionalism when dealing with difficult issues and personalities.” Dave Horkoff

“Montana partnered with NOHVCC in May to host this same trails design, construction and maintenance workshop. I absolutely recommend taking the time to attend and make sure the right people in your state have the resources to attend as well. The Montana workshop was very well organized and rich in content. The presenters (both NOHVCC staff and RecConnect) are experts in their field and are able to effectively teach their trail design, construction and maintenance techniques in this workshop setting (even in torrential rain!).” Eric Proctor, OHV Program Manager

“Great work, Dick and Joani! Amazing what good politicking can achieve, you guys are masters.” Jack Pyke, Okanagan Trail Riders Association Executive.

“Dick is a wizard on OHV trail building, maintenance and education. I’ve taken his ‘Sustainable OHV Trails’ class three times… the class would be excellent for anyone planning on working with El Dorado County.” Doug Barr, Director Rubicon Trail Foundation.

“I am grateful and indebted to you and Dick for your leadership, wisdom, and shared passion.” Ken Umbarger, President Okanagan Trail Riders Association.

“… When we have the opportunity, we will pass your name along for future workshops.” Bernie MacDonald, Manager of Alberta Provincial Recreation Services.

“Excellent piece of work. I think you covered it all. Very well done.” Peggy Spieger, Executive Director Oregon State Snowmobile Association.

“Great work team Dufourd! Your relentless, methodical, and irrefutably logical approach is working.” Adrian van Nieuwkerk, Okanagan Trail Riders Association Executive.

This class “is offered by one of the best. We all want to implement a successful and sustainable trail system and this training is about as good as it gets.” Randy Nicolay, Chairman Oregon Recreation Coalition.

“Your mini seminar on Saturday was very inspiring. Thank you for clearing the fog out of the Travel Management Planning chaos. Your explanations on NEPA, principles and concepts were very clear. Your insight with the Forest Service is invaluable.” Jared Achepohl, President Emerald Trail Riders Association, Inc.

“I enjoy working with you guys… you’re a great group that’s making tremendous progress.” Terry Macdonald, British Columbia Integrated Land Management Bureau.

“Thank you for all of your time, effort and insight. You both were the best thing to happen here in ages!” Fran Hull, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Carson City Nevada BLM Field Office

“… professional and informative. Those who know you appreciate you and hope you keep up the good work.” John Schneff. Applegate Rough Riders

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