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As experienced OHV and snowmobile consultants, we know that the basic issues and problems are the same nationally and internationally. We provide real solutions to real problems. Since we have successfully implemented and managed several OHV trail systems and programs, we can provide our clients with the key tools to help them achieve the same success. We focus heavily on quality at every level of project development and we take pride in everything that we do. That pride can then be shared by our clients and their customers.


We provide our clients with professional consulting to help them create high-quality recreation opportunities while protecting natural resources. We specialize in off-highway vehicle and snowmobile trails and facilities. We provide competent assistance at every level of project development.

  • Educational Workshops – Progress through education. Our primary focus is to share our experience with others so they can learn and understand the skills required to provide quality OHU recreation opportunities. We do this through RecConnect workshops and through NOHVCC Great Trails Workshops.
  • Program Design and Management – We have experience in staffing, funding, volunteer program development, and infrastructure needs.
  • Trail Planning – We develop feasibility studies, programmatic plans, conceptual plans, and site-specific plans.
  • On-Site Trail Location and Design – We provide on-the-ground trail location services. With our understanding of the users and of the resources, we are able to locate and design sustainable trails that provide an outstanding recreation experience with variety, challenge, and a high fun factor while providing resource protection.
  • Facility Design – We locate and design trailheads, staging areas, campgrounds, group sites, play areas, learner loops, and other facilities.
  • OHV Parks – We provide high-density OHV trail planning, design, and location services.
  • Signing – We design and develop sign types, messages, materials, and write sign plans. We know the elements of effective signing which is so critical to the success of any OHV project, and we also have developed an OHV sign plan template that can quickly be adapted to any area or agency.
  • Trail and Area Feasibility, Sustainability, and Safety Assessments – We conduct assessments of trails and areas and make comprehensive recommendations for new actions or corrective actions.
  • Rehab – We have developed effective closure and rehabilitation techniques.
  • Sno-Park Design – We have 25 years of snow-park design and use experience. We perform site analysis, location, conceptual design, and we have written a comprehensive snow-park design guide with specific location and design information.
  • On-Site Consulting for Problem Identification and Resolution – We conduct a situation analysis, solution analysis, and provide recommendations.
  • Grant Writing – Well-written, creative grants are the key to successful funding. We have secured nearly $3 Million in grants from a variety of sources.
  • Contract Preparation and Specification Writing – With our engineering background, we have prepared more than 50 contracts and we are masters in technical specification writing. We have written specifications for OHV Trail Location, Design, and Other Services (trailhead design, staging area design, play area design, sign plan development, management plan development); Final Trail Location, Construction Staking & Construction Oversight; Mechanized Trail Construction; OHV Cattleguard Installation; Mechanized Trail Restoration; and Obliteration of Existing Impacts.
  • Expert Witness – We have experience in providing successful, authoritative testimony on cases involving OHV design, construction, and management.


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RecConnect, LLC - Achieving Excellence Through Sound Engineering, Extensive Expertise, Exciting Creativity, and a Passion for Perfection.

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