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We provide seminars and workshops for groups or individuals. Through technology and information transfer, we can save our clients time and money by not having to “reinvent the wheel.” We have been there and done that and we know what works and what doesn’t. Our training incorporates a creative mix of powerpoint presentations, interactive discussions, and field demonstrations so that attendees not only learn the theory, but also experience the practice. We custom design each workshop to meet the needs of our client and our tag-team approach to presentations infuses interest and energy into each group.

Listed below are some of our most popular trail workshop topics:

  • Sustainable OHV Trails: How to Design and Manage for Success- a comprehensive
    look at all of the elements for success (1-hour and 8-hour sessions available).

  • Conceptual Trail Planning- how to look at a piece of ground and develop a trail plan for it.
    Discusses, mapping, aerial photos, inventory needs, resource constraints, user needs.

  • OHV Facility Design- the needs of OHVers are different from other users. How do we
    accommodate and design for those needs? We are experts in on-site facility design.

  • The Art and Science of Trail Location- includes actual field training. Discusses OHV
    trail design and management basics, application of engineering tools, equipment
    and principles,how to achieve difficulty, using maps and photos, and the importance
    of trail management objectives.

  • Effective OHV Program Management- the third element in successful OHV management
    is having an effective OHV trail program. This session discusses the elements of a
    successful program.

  • The 4 Es- Engineering, Education, Enforcement, Evaluation- the fundamental keys to successful implementation of any project.

  • Cooperative Interagency Management- explores the benefits of agencies sharing
    expertise, personnel, and equipment.

  • How to Use Existing Infrastructure in Trail System Design- what to look for and how
    to successfully incorporate it into your project.  
  • Understanding the Users- one of the three principles in successful OHV management
    is to provide for the user's needs. How can we do that if we don't know the users? 

  • NEPA in Laymen's Terms- explains the process in simple, understandable terms.
    Discusses when and how to be involved and how to write effective comments.

  • Successful Project Implementation- how to build it, sign it, manage it, and maintain it. This
    of course, includes a discussion of the 4Es.

  • Criteria for Utilizing Degraded Trails- when to hold them and when to fold them. We tend to
    be "married" to existing trails, but there's a point where it can cost more to try to repair an
    existing trail than to truly fix the issue by rerouting the trail.

  • Effective Signing- discusses the eight key elements of signing. What to do and what not to do.

  • Effective Enforcement- if we do a good job with engineering and education, the need for enforcement goes way down, but never goes away. The goal of enforcement is compliance and this session discusses the positive approaches that will accomplish that.

  • Creating a Volunteer Trail Ranger (Patrol) Program- volunteers are essential to any good program, but through peer pressure, Trail Rangers are an effective, proactive tool in providing information and education to the riders while simultaneously increasing agency visibility.

  • Volunteer Trail Ranger (Patrol) Training- RecConnect trains the volunteers and gives them the tools to be effective patrollers. Considerable time is spent on understanding human dynamics and learning the key elements of positive encounters.


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Comments From Previous Workshops:

"awesome presentation" "well rounded" "the best seminar of the week" "the session was terrific" "excellent overview" "the dialogue is great" "very interesting" "keep up the good work" "it was great"

"thanks for the great seminar...you offer lots of ideas and avenues of progression for us" "thank you for some valuable trails training" "I am very glad I took your seminar"

"I was so impressed with the presentation given by yourself and Joani... thanks for a great conference."

"Thanks again for the informative course on Sustainable OHV Trails. The one thing that really sank in is to be proactive and not reactive regarding trail development. I strongly believe that proper design and construction greatly reduces maintenance time and increases the users' experience."

"I got to ride the trails at East Fort Rock. It really puts the lessons you give in the workshop a visual impact. Congratulations on a great (trail) system."

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