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RecConnect, LLC - Good trails provide the path for people to re-create and refresh themselves. We excel in creating that path.

RecConnect is a team of professional experts who are committed to providing high-quality OHV recreation opportunities and management. We actively recreate with motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and four-wheel drive vehicles and participate in a variety of motorized clubs and associations. With our extensive experience, we help our clients produce outstanding projects by assisting them in planning, location, design, or project management. We also provide training and technology transfer that gives our clients the tools they need to understand what needs to be done, how and when to do it, and how to maintain it and manage it for the long term.

As professional consultants, what sets us apart from other contractors is our multi-faceted approach to project design and management. We recognize the importance of stakeholder involvement, so we not only work with our client, but also network with agency personnel, enthusiast groups, and other organizations to garner understanding and support of the project. We provide public relations, form implementation groups, and conduct workshops and site visits to help keep everyone involved and abreast with the project vision and development. This helps to insure that concerns are addressed in a timely manner and that the vision of our client is transformed into a successful project on the ground.

RecConnect is a woman-owned limited liability corporation which is licensed under the rules of the State of Oregon. We are members of the Professional Trailbuilders Association. Since we have no employees or heavy equipment, we are strictly consultants, not trail contractors.
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  Achieving excellence through:

  • Sound Engineering
  • Extensive Expertise
  • Passion for Perfection
  • Exciting Creativity

Watch these exciting videos showing the results of our planning, design, and signing at the Bear Creek Project in Kelowna, British Columbia:


We provide professional consulting to help our clients plan and create high-quality, sustainable recreation opportunities.
RecConnect 20923 SE King Hezekiah Way Bend OR 97702 (541)382-8319 cell (541)419-1979