About Joani Dufourd

Joani is an upbeat, outgoing person who managed ophthalmology clinics for 29 years. She is people-oriented, so she loves the public and the public contact. Her job demanded technical expertise and the social skills to manage employees and the patients while providing good direction and data to the physicians. As a snowmobiler, motorcyclist, and mountain biker, she is an avid outdoor recreationist. She brings a user perspective to our RecConnect meetings and seminars. Her charisma and energy makes her an excellent presenter. As one who enjoys public lands, she has taken a keen interest in keeping those public lands open and she has been involved in land use for more than 25 years. Some of her key accomplishments are:

  • She was selected to be a representative of OHV interests for the Travel Management Strategy Working Group on the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests and the Crooked River National Grassland.

  • She helped create the Oregon Recreation Coalition which is a group representing multiple recreation uses in the land use and political arena. As a member of the group’s steering committee, she is able to draw from her extensive background to provide the group direction and guidance to successfully navigate through complicated arena of land use, politics, the media, and government agencies.

  • She represented motorized recreation for the BLM’s Upper Deschutes Resource Management Plan which made critical decisions on the use of motorized vehicles for the next 20 years.

  • She was invited to attend the formation meeting of the Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) and has been a charter member since 1986.

  • She was president of the Blue Ribbon Coalition for three years during the period when BRC was instrumental in writing and passing the National Recreation Trails Fund Act (RTP) which provides millions of dollars annually to recreation.

  • Served on the BRC executive board and was the Oregon representative.

  • She served as secretary/treasurer for the Western Chapter of the International Snowmobile Council.

  • As a certified Master Gardener, she likes to care for the land as well as play on it.

  • She represented motorized recreation for the Trail User Group on the Deschutes National Forest. This is a multiple use group which was formed to help reduce user conflicts by building trust, communication, and education among the various interest groups.

  • She has an extensive background in working with land managers and the Congressional delegation.
  • She is a charter member of the Central Oregon Motorcycle and ATV Club (COMAC) and lifetime board member for land use.  


  • Clark Collins, past Executive Director of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, brclark@sharetrails.org, 208-237-3460

  • Randy Nicolay, Chairman Oregon Recreation Coalition, Randy.Nicolay@pgn.com, 503-803-0663

  • Greg Currie, recreation lead for Prineville District BLM, greg_currie@or.blm.gov, 541-416-6711

  • Joni Mogstad, Blue Ribbon Coalition secretary and Oregon State Snowmobile Association liaison, jonimogs@aol.com

  • Tom Niemela, National OHV Conservation Council state representative, tawmn@aol.com


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Joani started in Land Use in 1982 after she became a snowmobiler and found that there were issues on the mountain that put their use in jeopardy. Read More...

Contact Joani directly at info@recconnect.biz

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