About Dick Dufourd

Dick is a recreation consultant and motorized advocate who retired from the USDA- Forest Service after 35 years as a civil engineering technician. An avid recreationist, Dick has the knowledge to engineer recreation facilities so that they provide outstanding recreation opportunities and experiences while protecting social and resource values. He is one of the top OHV authorities in the country and he is recognized internationally for his expertise. Here is a brief list of his accomplishments: 

  • He is considered the leading OHV authority in North America.

  • As such, the leaders of the OHV organizations requested that he write Great Trails - the state-of-the-art guidebook for OHV trails and facilities.

  • He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council.

  • Recipient of the 2016 Coalition for Recreational Trails (CRT) education award for his book - GREAT TRAILS.

  • RecConnect provided the planning and design for Phase II of the Gypsum City OHV park which also won a 2016 CRT award.

  • Two other RecConnect projects, Bear Creek in British Columbia and Shoshone OHV in Nevada, have also been nominated for CRT awards.

  • The Shoshone Project was named the Success of the Year by NOHVCC in 2012.

  • He has located and designed horse/hiker trails, motorcycle/ATV trails, four-wheel drive trails, snowmobile trails, Nordic trails, and interpretive trails.

  • He has extensive experience in designing and constructing trailheads, staging areas, camping areas. sno-parks, and other facilities.

  • He is responsible for the implementation of nearly 1800 miles of OHV trails including numerous trailheads, staging areas, play areas, and learner loops.

  • He planned, designed, and built the state-of-the-art East Fort Rock OHV trail system which is 318 miles of trail on 110,000 acres.

  • He was instrumental in creating COHVOPS (Central Oregon Combined OHV Operations) which is an inter-agency OHV group responsible for managing 640 miles of trail on 7 trail systems with 8 designated play areas.

  • He implemented a balanced OHV program of management, maintenance, customer service, signing, and mapping that is renowned nationally for its quality.

  • He was the Pacific Northwest Region Master Performer for OHV trails and facilities and consulted nationally in that role.

  • In 1995, he was named Engineering Technician of the Year for the Pacific Northwest Region and then went on to be co-awarded the National Engineering Technician of the Year.

  • He participated in a team to help develop the OHV curriculum for Marshall University.

  • He was the Pacific Northwest Region Master Performer for snowmobile trails, sno-parks,  and facilities for nearly 20 years and he has consulted nationally in that role.

  • He served on the National Snowmobile Sign Task Force to develop consistent sign standards.

  • He has held offices with snowmobile clubs and the Oregon State Snowmobile Association and has been named Snowmobiler of the Year and Winter Recreation Manager of the Year.

  • He represented motorized interests on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee that formed the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and helped draft the legislation that created the Monument. He then served as transportation planner on the team that developed the Monument Management Plan and served as a recreation planner on the team that developed the Monument Recreation Strategy.

Personal References

  • “Dick has a keen interest in trails of all types and he possesses a natural talent for trail location…” Bruce Kirland, Deschutes Recreation Staff Officer

  • “… We would like to honor you for your commitment to excellence and exceptional work…” Central Oregon Motorcycle and ATV Club

  • “Your strong leadership and thorough program management with the East Fort Rock OHV program continues to be noteworthy, largely through your personal commitment and dedication….” Bill Queen, Community Relations Team Leader

  • “You have done a terrific job in helping the Grasslands manage the Henderson Flat OHV area…. I am very impressed with COHVOPS and the professional work that you are doing….” Tina Welch, Grassland District Ranger

  • “…You did an excellent job of pulling out comments if they agreed with your particular position or not- not everybody can do that, but thanks for your great organization and facilitation of the entire process.” Chuck Tietz, Pacific Northwest Region engineering

  • “I would like to express my sincere ‘thanks’ for the repair and clean-up of the …boat launch areas, the scenic overlook, and the 10Mile Sno-Park. It took a lot of coordination and cooperation to complete these projects. You’ve gone that extra mile and the result is a quality job. Thanks for a job well done!” George Chesley, District Ranger

  • “We would like to thank you for your participation in our Trail Contract Training sessions. Your preparation and your presentations throughout the sessions were crucial to the effectiveness of the training.” Lyle Laverty, Pacific Northwest Region Director of Recreation

  • “On behalf of  SnoWest Magazine and the Western Chapter of the International Snowmobile Council, I would personally like to invite you to our annual SnoWest Leadership Meeting... and be one of our primary speakers. Your experience with the snowmobile community, in particular, your expertise with the grooming and trail marking programs, would provide very beneficial information for this prestigious group of snowmobile leaders.” Steve Janes, Editor SnoWest Magazine

  • “Dick’s advice was extremely helpful. His technique of providing for necessary changes without offending those who prepared the original plan was a real asset. His knowledge of the subject matter (sno-parks) is excellent.” Art Currier, District Ranger

  • “Dick provided key insight and is able to quickly assimilate site objectives and make good assessments and recommendations. Very perceptive and effective communicator….” Jerilyn Levi, Recreation Planner

  • “Thanks for the writeup. You have done an excellent job of describing the recreation potential of the area and the type of impacts that could occur…. The trip report is one of the best I’ve seen.” Ted Rasco, Pacific Northwest Region engineering

Contact Dick directly at ddufourd@recconnect.biz

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