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Joani started in Land Use in 1982 after she became a snowmobiler and found that there were issues on the mountain that put their use in jeopardy. She became involved locally with the Forest Service Trail Advisory Group to work out problems between snowmobilers and cross-country skiers that would work for both sides.

She soon found out that working with local Land Managers was a long, tedious process.  Changes don’t just happen with these people;  you have to plant seeds and wait for years to have some things changed.

Joani and her husband started to become visible in the community right away.  Because of their visibility they were recruited by the folks in Idaho to attend the first meeting for the Blue Ribbon Coalition, that consists of mainly motorized recreationalists like snowmobilers, ATV’ers, and motorcyclists.  When these people all joined together it was amazing to see that everyone had the same stories and problems, and needed the same solutions no matter if they lived in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho.  She realized that this coalition could become very powerful with so many people joined in a united effort, so she decided to become involved.  Her husband also had quite a bit to offer this particular group, because of his broad history of working with bureaucrats.  Her husband (now retired) had worked for the USFS as an Off Highway Vehicle Consultant for the Deschutes National Forest for the last 20 years.

Joani and her husband learned Land Use from the best - Blue Ribbon Coalition.  This Coalition is 600,000 members strong.  This Coalition has taken on Yellowstone, senators, congressmen, and has lobbied for bills and passed bills.  When Joani was President of the Blue Ribbon Coalition she lobbied for the National Recreation Bill worth 57 million dollars for trail systems in the United States and got it passed.  She has worked with all groups on National and International levels. 

After she helped open the East Fort Rock System with 350 miles of trail, Joani decided to look at her own back yard because things were starting to get closed down.  There is a huge environmental push to get the public lands closed and it needs to stop.    Joani decided the only way to stop this was to network with like minds and reach out to all clubs to start a statewide club.  The Club that is new in forming is called the Oregon Recreation Coalition, which Joani will tell you about at the meeting.

There is a lot you will be interested in hearing at this next meeting and that’s for sure!   

  • She’ll talk about the attempt to close Mt. Hood to 90% of the snowmobiling public and make it wilderness.

  • Do you want to lose the Badlands permanently? 

  • All you La Pine residents need to be concerned about where ODOT plans to move Hwy. 97.

  • Find out what is happening to the Cline Butte area, all you ATV’ers.

  • Become knowledgeable about the Destination Resorts coming into our backyard before they get here – not after the dust settles.

  • Do you want Horse Ridge back?

You’ll have an opportunity to learn from someone who has won more than she has lost.  It is your choice what is important to you and your lifestyle.  If you’re okay with logs blocking roads, public lands disappearing, “No Admittance” and “No Trespassing” signs, by all means, stay home from this meeting.  This is not all about money.  This is about people like you and me standing together in a united group with numbers big enough to demand respect and being heard.

The world is run by people who show up - you have to show up to make a difference.  Some of our club members showed up for the Badlands fight and I am proud of them!!  Thank you to all of you!!  See you at the meeting!!  If for no other reason, come so that you can at least know what you are giving up!!  Standing alone is scary, but I can assure you that you will not be standing alone and you will make a difference.

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