RecConnect Trail ExpertsRecConnect is a team of professional trail experts committed to providing high-quality recreational trails and facilities. Specializing in OHV trails and OHV consulting, we believe in maintaining access for the public, multiple use, and resource protection. With our extensive experience, we help our clients produce outstanding projects by assisting them in planning, location, design, or construction. We also provide training and technology transfer that gives our clients the tools they need to understand what needs to be done and how to successfully do it. 


As professional OHV Consultants and Snowmobile Consultants, we provide competent assistance in every level of project development.

  • Program Design and Management
    One of the three critical elements for success is having a good trail program. We help our clients develop a common vision and identify staffing, funding, volunteer program, and infrastructure needs. 
  • Trail Planning
    A good plan lays the foundation for building a successful project. We develop programmatic plans, conceptual plans, site specific plans, and feasibility studies.

  • Trail Design
    The key to quality design is understanding the user(s). We will only succeed if we provide for the user's needs.

  • Trail Location
    Good location is an art more than a science. We possess that rare talent to create an exceptional trail that harmonizes with the landscape.

  • Expert Witness Services
    Our extensive experience allows us to provide competent, confident testimony and positive results for both OHV and snowmobile cases.

  • Great Trails OHV Guidebook
    As one of the leading OHV consultants nationally, RecConnect has been contracted to write a comprehensive guide on OHV planning, design, construction, management, and maintenance. When completed in 2015, it will be the foremost OHV resource available for managers, field personnel, and enthusiasts.

  • Sustainability, Feasibility, & Safety Assessments
    Many existing trails are wholly or partially non-sustainable and are contributing to safety or resource impact issues. RecConnect has the experience to evaluate those areas and make comprehensive recommendations for corrective actions.

  • Facility Design
    Quality facilities must complement quality trails to create a first-class project. We design and locate trailheads, staging areas, campgrounds, group sites, play areas, learner loops, sno-parks, and high-density OHV parks.

  • Construction Oversight and Coordination Having implemented more than 1500 miles of OHV trails, we know what needs to be done and when. We provide project management services to insure consistent quality and seemless, cost-effective implementation.

  • Workshops and Seminars
    We provide training and education presentations that are packed with the tools for success. Click here to view the spring 2015 schedule.

  • Volunteer Trail Ranger (Patrol) Training
    Education is critical and volunteers can play a key role in providing that education and peer pressure.

We provide professional consulting to help our clients plan and create high-quality, sustainable recreation opportunities.
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